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Grants available from the Provincial NSTU Committee include:

Education Research Award
A fund has been established to encourage and assist education research. Members are awarded a maximum of $475 based on research completed in the current or previous two school years.
Full Time Study Grant
An annual fund of $10,000. has been established to provide support to members wishing to follow a full time program of studies for the purpose of professional development. The NSTU will award up to five grants of $2,000. each year.
Out-of-Province Conference Grant
An annual fund of $9,000. has been established for Out-of-Province Conference grants to provide support to teachers wishing to attend conferences for the purpose of professional development. To assist the greatest number of members no grant shall exceed $475.
Educational Leaves of One Year
To allow a teacher to pursue a full year professional development opportunity.
Travel Fellowship

For teachers engaged in educational travel, a total of $3,000. is available from Johnson Inc. for participation in seminars, workshops or conferences, but not for university courses or certification study.

Eligible travel periods include summer months for teachers and times of year when Community College members take their contractual vacation days, but not during those times generally referred to as Christmas or March break.

Program Development Assistance Fund

In a contractual agreement between the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the Nova Scotia Department of Education, an annual sum of $200,000 is allocated for the purpose of encouraging innovative and unique program development in Nova Scotia's schools. Projects funded or assisted under PDAF must be directly related to the Public School Program.

PDAF is intended to encourage innovative ideas at the local school level which significantly and directly enhance the delivery of programs and services to students. Innovation may include, but is not limited to, taking an established curriculum practice or program and using this in a new and unique way. PDAF provides teachers with financial support to initiate creative and innovative teaching practices. As a result of this support, students benefit from enhanced learning experiences.