Each educational site within the Lunenburg County Local shall elect a minimum of one NSTU representative. Schools with 26-30 teachers shall elect up to 2, and schools with more than 50 teachers may elect up to 3 representatives. Each educational site shall be entitled to an equal number of alternate representatives.

NSTU Rep List of Duties:

Rep duties shall include, but are not limited to:

⇒the timely distribution and posting of NSTU information received from the provincial NSTU and the Local of the NSTU

⇒direct members' requests to the appropriate Local or provincial support persons

⇒coordinate annual membership registry data collection in his/her school

⇒keep the principal of your school informed regarding NSTU matters and request time on the staff meeting agenda for NSTU updates

⇒assist new teachers in becoming informed and involved NSTU members

⇒attend Local and General Council meetings in order to bring forward any concerns from your staff, and take back meeting information to your school

⇒conduct educational site votes (elections, contract, etc.)

⇒promote a united teaching profession